Difference between a B&B and a Guest House? (Part 2)

Guest House

A guest house is basically a small hotel or a hotel with limited services in catering. Guest houses do not need a bar or a fully licensed premises and normally needs to have six or more bedrooms to be in accordance with Bord Failte regulations.


Guest Houses have ratings from one to four stars, depending on the comfort and services they provide. One star means standard simple accommodation. Bathrooms can sometimes be on the floor, or a certain amount of rooms would be non en-suite. The more stars a guest house has, the more comfortable the rooms are. A four star guest house usually has the standard of a four star hotel, but the surroundings would be much more intimate.

Guest houses do not have all the amenities of a hotel and do not need to have a restaurant or bar. The rates for guesthouses vary between €35 and €100 and are up to €200 per night for outstanding places.