About Us

Over the years Ferndale Luxury Bed and Breakfast has become increasingly special to us – It lets the imagination run wild and provides a sanctuary from the everyday stresses of life. It offers a chance to indulge in comfort and luxury. In the heart of Achill Island the furthest west you can possibly be in the gorgeous county of Mayo, we created a little paradise of our own. The landscape is stunning and living here at the edge of Europe is a dream come true. So when we set out to build our dream in this little paradise, nobody was aware what Ferndale would become.

We started with 3 bedrooms nicely fitted out with comfort in mind. Big beds and an en-suite for every room were essential. At that time we were very cautious with the furniture and the layout. For a while that was fine but then the creation bug struck and ever since then we tried to achieve a haven of luxury and indulgence. Not only that, we continued to extend the building and we now have six lovely rooms, each with a specific theme, tastefully decorated and finished to the highest possible standard. We tried to achieve a tranquil and peaceful setting in the rooms matching the surroundings of the environment, with half the rooms facing the sea and stunning views over to the Minaun Cliffs and the 4-mile beach stretching from Keel to the cliffs. To the left of Ferndale stands the highest mountain on Achill – the Slievemore – and besides that, a few miles towards the sea is Keel Lake. All this and more can be seen from some of our windows. No wonder we became very attached to Achill and the way we live. No matter what the weather is here, living so close to the sea is a dream come true and as we watch the clouds pass by and the sun shines on the waters by the beach and the lake, we feel privileged and fortunate to have found this fantastic place to spend our life.

Recently we created for two of our sea view rooms a fantastic seating area with floor to ceiling windows to let a maximum light into the rooms. These two newest additions are now even more luxurious than before. We also installed minibars into every room and gave a face lift to every one of them. So now we have stunning themed and lavishly decorated bedrooms, mini suites as well as one sumptuous royal suite. We look forward to welcoming you to our humble abode and to give you dear guests and yet to become guests, of Ferndale Luxury Bed and Breakfast, a unique experience and a fantastic stay with us!

Jon, Alexander and our dearest Heidi.