Freshly squeezed Orange-, Apple- or Grapefruit Juice (seasonal)

Coffee, Tea and a selection of Herbal Teas, local grown fresh Mint Tea (seasonal)

Greek Style Yoghurt

Swiss style Heidi’s special Muesli


Seasonal Porridge
a different Porridge for every season. Ask the chef.

Fresh Fruit Salad
with yoghurt (optional)

Selection of cereals

Crepes with fruits or Maple syrup

French toast
with Maple syrup and/or bacon (optional)

Sweet Omelette
served with a stuffing of cream cheese, maple syrup, cream and raisins (optional)

French Omelette
with a variation of cheese, onion, tomato, mushrooms, black bacon™, seasonal herbs and spices

Mexican Omelette
with chorizo, sun dried tomatoes, onions and chilli.

Pengasius or Tilapia* “Florentine”
with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, onions and herbs served either on its own or in an omelette.

Greek style fried egg omelette
three fried eggs, fried to your liking, topped with olives, feta cheese and tomatoes. Served with lamb/pork* pieces.

Shakshuka style Fried Eggs
a popular middle eastern north african dish featuring red onions, red chillies, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chorizo, fried eggs and herbs.

Jian Bing
chinese crepe and scallions, fried eggs, black bacon™ and mushrooms, seasoned and folded.
Traditional chinese street-food breakfast.

Scrambled eggs
on toast (optional) with local smoked salmon or duck*.

The “Fry Up”
please choose from the following ingredients: fried eggs, large gourmet sausage, black bacon™, mushrooms, pudding, hash browns, tomatoes and beans.

Eggs Benedict – poached eggs, creamy sauce and herbs with
· black bacon™ (regular) or
· fillet steak (royal) or
· smoked salmon (mare)
traditional (on a delicious scone)
or wrapped in a blanket (pancake)

Hunter’s Breakfast
A feast of meats with large gourmet sausage, pudding and fried eggs.

Gourmet Burger
with Mushrooms, black bacon™, fried egg on top, served with a home-made sauce

scrambled eggs with chillies, courgettes, chilli paste and oregano.

cacik (yoghurt and cucumber dip), poached eggs, pepper and onion relish and chorizo (or if available sucuk).

* = subject to availability

Breakfast at Ferndale is an event on its own. Our luxury dining room overlooking keel bay is a feature. We serve breakfast between 9:00 and 11:00. Make sure you book your breakfast time slot early as we still practise social distancing.

Our ingredients are carefully sourced. Organic meat products from O’Doherty’s, free range eggs from West-A-Wake-eggs, organic farmed salmon products from Keem Bay Fish Products, cheeses from Sheridan’s Cheesemongers.

We are happy to cater as well for special dietary needs. Please give us 48hours notice as we have to source special products.