Difference between a B&B and a Guest House? (Part 4)


Hotels are commercial places to stay, with as many different amenities as standard. Hotels are given one to five stars. The stars are awarded – (and this is the basic of properly categorising a place) – for certain acceptable standards.

  • One star is for excellency of food.
  • Two stars are for an extraordinary wine cellar, in addition to the excellent food.
  • Three stars add the feature “house with a view”.
  • Four stars are awarded, if there is a leisure centre connected to the hotel.
  • Five stars are for overall excellency and luxury rooms.

Sometimes it appears that a hotel should only be a three star hotel, as it has, for example, no leisure centre. In some cases there is the possibility to be awarded a star for a hotel even without a leisure centre, if the place otherwise reflects a four star standard.

The rates for hotel rooms are not bound to the category the hotel is in, but for to what it actually offers. So the rates can go from €5 for a two star hotel somewhere in the pampa of South America to thousands of euros per night, in somewhere like Dubai.